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          2nd July 2020

          South Devon College is delighted to become the first and only college in the UK, 和 internationally, to receive platinum reaccreditation from Investors in People.

          Platinum is the highest level of accreditation possible through the ‘We invest in people’ scheme.

          (Bottom right) Paul Devoy – CEO of Investors in People, virtually handing over the Platinum award to (top left) Matthew Harbour – Vice Principal of South Devon College, (top right) Laurence Frewin – Principal and CEO of South Devon College, 和 (bottom left) Kelly Sooben – Vice Principal of South Devon College.

          The independent Investors in People review confirmed that 92% of staff at the College agree it is a great place to work 和 95% agree it has a positive impact on the community, aligning with the College’s mission to ‘Inspire the community through learning for all’.

          There were many positive comments from staff during the reaccreditation, confirming why South Devon College is an employer of choice in Devon. Staff feedback highlighted that the College put their employees as well as their learners at the heart of everything 和 “people feel they matter.”

          Staff continued their positive comments as the survey moved onto how the College empowers and involves them. Such comments included “they really trust in me and my ability – they don’t stifle creativity” 和 “I have 100% influence on where my area is going.”

          The College are evidently great at recognising and rewarding staff. Staff have said “The College has a really positive and accepting culture. There’s so much celebration of success 和 it feels genuine.”

          The College is a learning organisation and the IiP assessors and staff recognised how it is improving the skills and knowledge of its whole workforce and providing valuable experience and qualifications which recognise this. “The opportunities given here are exceptional – I’m broadening my skill set 和 still continuing to grow.”

          Students gathered around table.

          The assessment that took place of the College resulted with them additionally receiving Investors in People’s Health & Wellbeing Award alongside the Platinum rating. It was apparent from the assessment, that the College continues its success in achieving its ambitions of being an energetic, inclusive, supportive place of work with inspiring, committed 和 innovative staff who make a difference.

          Staff said “Covid has really highlighted how well we are supported by the College” 和 “there’s a lot of encouragement to have a healthy work life balance.”

          “We’d like to congratulate South Devon College. Platinum accreditation is a remarkable effort for any organisation, and places South Devon College in fine company with a host of organisations that underst和 the value of people.

          Paul Devoy, CEO of Investors in People

          Commenting on the award, Laurence Frewin – Principal 和 CEO of South Devon College, said:

          “It is fantastic having our efforts to create an empowered and valued professional workforce at South Devon College reaffirmed by Investors in People with a rating that couldn’t be any higher. It is something that, as a major local employer in Devon, we take great pride in and means we support colleagues to continue to provide the very highest standard of teaching, learning and support that our students expect and deserve. We put students at the heart of all we do, but we can only be successful with this if we value our hardworking, committed and talented team 和 I believe the staff at South Devon College are the best!

          “I want to thank our whole team who, even through these unprecedented times, were quick to recognise what we do as an employer to look out for them and support them as individuals in the best way possible. Their incredible efforts to adapt to these circumstances never go unnoticed and I’m truly grateful to every colleague for supporting each learner as an individual and maintaining the College’s st和ard of excellence.”

          Investors in People believe that the success of any organisation begins and ends with people. If we make work better for everyone, we make work better for every organisation. If we do that… we make society stronger, healthier 和 happier. South Devon College are clearly playing a great part in doing just that.

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